Friday, June 9, 2017

baby boomers

      When the Second World War ended thousands of soldiers returned to the United States in search of a quieter life outside of conflicts and one of the ways to get it was through marriage. during 1946 a lot of babies were born 3.4 millions and for 1946 to 1964 the amount of babies that were born was 76.4 millions. the term baby boomer is used to refer to this period of time. the increase in the  market by the credit contributed even more for the increase of babies because Americans can buy a lot of things through the credit. A lot of  places were built to those families which wanted get a house or apartment for a cheap price.

During this period of rapid population growth the economy was affected by an increase in the supply of credits in which rates were very high and many people could not afford them.This entailed several problems such as that several people were displaced from their homes and others were dismissed from their jobs. Even some people committed suicide.But this did not affect the entire population some people could live a very happy life with their families after fighting in the Second World War. They ignite form they lived their dream come true.

Monday, March 20, 2017

American dream and immigration during 1880-1920

     The immigration to america its not new during 1880-1920 more than 15 million of immigrants arrived to the unite states. most of the immigrants came from places all around Europe and Asia. the immigrants from some places of Asia like Japan and  China arrived in the Angel island at California.    the immigrants from Europe arrived in the Ellis island. most of the immigrants came to the U.S trying to have a better condition of life. others were trying to escape from social and political conflicts in their home countries such as violence. the majority of immigrants that came from        non-English speaking countries have some problems to trying to adapted in the new environment.when the amount of immigrants from the sames countries increase they created their own places to socialite with their own people. one example of this is the China town and the little Russia in network. But no all the immigrant were  welcome in america. Some people " natives"  were against immigration. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The dream and reality of the Americans.

     After the civil war the united states had passed throughout a lot of changes. the freedom of slaves was one of the achievements during this period. I think this has a realization with the american dream because they wished to be free, to have the same rights as most of the people and the idea of american dream is not just an economic prospective it is also the desire to be part  of society to be treated with equality. Additionally the increase of population in the west is related to the american dream because most of this people moved over the west to have a better opportunities. This reflects a similarity with the fact in the present that some people come to the united states to have a better life style. However this belief of totally independence fluctuate with the reality. Most of the people who lived in the west had to pay a big amount of money to get the necessary implements to work in their plantations. In conclusion the changes in the united states contributed to the growth of a nation.

Sunday, November 20, 2016


     The American settlers were dependent on exports by England during this period we can see that America still needed some basic products such as soap, tea, clothing among others.

      In 1760 America was suffering an impact on its economy, a slow trade and the debt with Great Brittany increased. Besides in November 20 of 1767 the Townshed act  took place in America. The settlers had to pay fees on items such as glass , paper, paint. All imported from Great Britain. Some merchants started a move to stop these products from entering America hoping to reduce the sale of these products. In 1768 merchants voted to block English trade.

      Washington and Hamilton worked together to create a monetary system by creating a central bank to help increase the nation's economy.
    The nascent nation of america had great problems but were solved only thanks to the work of great forgiveness of history as you can see in this article.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Tobacco and the American Dream.

     The tobacco was one of the main income for settler for a long period of time.  the Spanish learned to cultivate tobacco from Native Americans and they introduced to Europe. Why this has a relationship with the America dream ? In this case there is a close relationship because many of the settlers wanted to get a lot of money and the exportation of tobacco to erope was helping to them. The tobacco was cultivated in the west indies, but john rofe started successfully to grew tobacco in the Jamestown colony.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

hola, bienvenidos

I am a student of  U.S history, my teacher asked us to keep a blog. We have to choose a theme, and follow it through American history. My theme will be the American dream. In my opinion the american dream is an idea that the people have when they come to North America. This idea is about work hard to get anything that you want, most of the time this mean have more money or a better life. The American dream is important to me because like a lot of people, i believe that i can get it. What I mean is, I came to this country trying to get a better life. But this article says that the American dream is becoming harder for immigrants to have. in summary what i can say about this article is that the people who came to the others countries are  having difficulties. To get a job and finish their education are some of the problems that the people are having it. Also they are trying to create mini towns (territories) where they can live like in their natal countries.